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Galveston electricity customers have electricity options for both residential and commercial electricity service.  Choosing an electricity provider should be an easy process but with so many different electricity companies it can be difficult to sort out.  Whether on the strand, the island or anywhere on Galveston, residents and business owners have an opportunity to save time and money with Electricity Prices and Rates.


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Residential customers can browse the best rates reputable electricity providers are offering by price and term.  If a customer is interested in environmentally friendly rate, we list be best green energy product offerings as well.  The process takes five minutes and customers are able to select the date they would like the switch to happen.  Customers then receive a confirmation and the order is placed.


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For commercial customers, we provide simple organized proposals that are in line with your business need.  We analyze and understand your electrical consumption to provide a best fit solution. We are able to quickly establish options for your electric supply and provide custom tailored recommendations for managing and reducing your electricity costs.



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Retail electricity providers generate electricity rate offerings based on your historically usage data. We are able to obtain this data quickly and gather rates from our suppliers to be presented clearly in a proposal. The benefit to this process is that electricity providers are able to know exactly what they will need to deliver over the course of their terms and are able to reduce their retail margins significantly. The alternative that many companies mistakenly agree to is to sign up on a “one size fits all” rate that is priced significantly higher than a custom offer.


Electricity Prices and Rates provides a simple streamlined way for customers to make the best choices for their electricity needs.  We invite Galveston residents to take a look at our website, give us a call and experience our process first hand.  Given the opportunity we are confident we can bring results.


Providing Galveston customers with a clear and easy means for shopping electricity rates is our goal. Shopping for electricity is a difficult task of sorting through heavily biased offerings, dealing with many different salespeople and organizing offers to make direct comparisons. Eliminating bias, providing expertise, and simplifying the entire process is how we deliver a superior buying experience to our customers.


Houston Electricity Prices and Rates is dedicated to working with Texans to maximize electricity cost savings as needs change and markets evolve.


For business electricity needs; contact a Galveston Electricity  consultant at 713-880-8895.  If you need home electricity, you may review pricing alternatives online at the following link: electricity comparison.


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