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As the third largest city in the Houston metroplex, Baytown electricity customers have a wide and confusing variety of electricity companies fighting for your attention and electricity business.  Electricity Prices and Rates is designed to eliminate the confusion and streamline the electricity buying process for Baytown commercial and residential electricity customers.  Our process provides unbiased electricity rate comparisons in a simple organized format that puts electricity providers on a level playing field.  



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Many Baytown commercial electricity customers have had the challenge of shopping electricity rates over the past eight years.  Many Baytown commercial electricity customers have learned through experience that salespeople representing their electricity providers are clearly biased in their opinion of which electricity provider is the best for their prospective customer.  Electricity Prices and Rates understands that there is no one size fits all option and certain electricity providers are better fits for certain businesses.   A church in Baytown has different electricity needs than a medium manufacturer in Baytown.  Many electricity providers have decided that they would rather serve large commercial customers and provide rates that aren’t competitive in the small commercial market with the hope that electricity customers won’t shop all of their options to find the best rate and best fit for their electricity needs.  We at Electricity Prices and Rates are constantly monitoring the market and rates provided by all of the competitive and reputable electricity providers serving Baytown.  It is a constantly changing landscape that we stay on top of so that our customers receive the most competitive electricity rates available to Baytown.  



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Our residential rates are arranged by term and price. Residential electricity prices are tiered based on how many electricity your residence consumes.  Many electricity providers will advertise their top tier rate that only a few very high consumption households qualify for.  Our rates are set on a level playing field to remove confusion.


Baytown Commercial Electric Rates


For commercial customers, understanding a few basic details of your electricity consumption can make a big difference in the prices offered by retail providers. We are able to provide a proposal based on estimated and historical usage for your business that will organize the best offers the market has to offer. Residential rates are organized and continuously updated to ensure you are getting the best price from the strongest suppliers.



Providing customers with a clear and easy means for shopping electricity rates is our goal. Shopping for electricity is a difficult task of sorting through heavily biased offerings, dealing with many different salespeople and organizing offers to make direct comparisons. Eliminating bias, providing expertise, and simplifying the entire process is how we deliver a superior buying experience to our customers.


Houston Electricity Prices and Rates is dedicated to working with Texans to maximize electricity cost savings as needs change and markets evolve.


For business electricity needs; contact a Baytown Electricity consultant at 713-880-8895.  If you need home electricity, you may review pricing alternatives online at the following link: electricity comparison.

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